Sudoktor is a Sudoku solving assistant. It helps you to solve and understand Sudoku puzzles but it can also be used as a Sudoku tool for entering and solving Sudoku puzzles as well as for saving your progress on a puzzle.

Sudoktor is a very compact program with the following features:

-generates valid 9x9 sudoku puzzles
-allows to enter by hand or cut-and-paste standard 9x9 Sudokus
-offers an intuitive and quick entry method
-shows or hides pencil marks, updates them automatically
-full Undo/Redo feature
-offers advanced analysis on demand:
-wrong values

The program exists on four platforms: Windows, Pocket PC, Mac and iOs. The registration code will be working on any platform. Upgrades and updates are and shall remain free.


The desktop editions will likely be improved with such features as databases, commentary entry, etc... The printing is already available.

Report any and all problems or bugs to

Please be as explicit as possible by describing the problem and do not forget to mention:

the operating version of your computer,
the version number of Sudoktor