Manual Entry

Creating a new grid

Select {Menu->New}. This activates the Setup mode. In this mode, all of the digits are displayed in blue.

Enter the given numbers as described in the "Entering Items" topic. By clicking on one existing number, you remove it.

When you have finished entering the numbers, select {Menu->Setup} to quit the Setup mode and to lock the cells. The timer will be activated after the cells have been locked.

Editing an existing grid.

Select {Menu->Setup} to edit the grid.

Block Entry

Instead of entering each number manually, you can enter a block of text. See below mentioned examples:

Example 1:










Example 2:


Select {Entry->Block Entry}. Paste the text ([Ctrl]+[v]) into the edit field. Then select "Input".

Please note that this dialog allows you to export a text representation of the current grid. Select "Output" to copy the text into the clipboard.