Clear the grid and enter in Setup Mode.


This mode allows you to set the given digits. To exit the Setup mode, toggle the menu command off or use the b_smart Smart button.


This command generates a new valid sudoku. The difficulty of the generated puzzle is quite unpredictable, but there is always one unique solution.

Rate Puzzle

This command aks Sudoktor to solve the puzzle with logical means. This allows to rate the difficulty of the puzzle. The rating is automatically generated while a new puzzle is created by the program.

Open Puzzle(s)...

This command allows you to open an existing sudoku file. The files saved with Sudoktor have embedded information about every step of the solving and the pencil marks you have entered.

Sudoktor allows you to open a file that contains several puzzles. Each line must contain 81 characters in order to complete a grid. Sudoktor recognizes automatically this kind of file. You can then browse the file in Setup mode using the navigation buttons. To open a grid in Sudoktor, exit the Setup mode. To reopen the file with the latest position use the Reopen command.

Print Puzzle

This commands prints the current puzzle with the current display settings.

Print to PDF

This commands creates a PDF file from the current puzzle.

Save Puzzle...

This command allows you to save the position and your progress on the grid.