Digits (Numbers)

To enter numbers, there are two methods:

Quick Entry

This method consists of selecting with the pointer the virtual location of the candidate within the cell. Indeed, the candidates are always arranged following this order :



Once you get familiarized with this method, you do no longer have to actually visualize the candidates. For example, by selecting the center of the cell, you will get a five (5), by selecting the bottom right corner a nine (9), etc...

Note that if the "Show Candidates" mode is enabled, you can enter the real candidates only.

Contextual Menu

This method implies two actions:

1.To start, activate the contextual menu. On Pocket PC, use the Tap & hold gesture. On Windows, right-click on the target cell.
2.Then choose a digit from the menu.

Entry Color

Sudoktor allows you to set the color of the new numbers to be inserted. The pre-selected color is blue.

Pencil marks

To enter pencil marks for the possible candidates, first select the "Pencil marks mode.

Then use one of the two methods described above.  If the pencil mark already exists, it will be toggled off. If not, it will be toggled on. Sudoktor does not allow you to enter a non valid pencil mark.

Instead of entering the pencil marks tediously, you can ask Sudoktor to compute the candidates and to store them as pencil marks with {Marks -> Store Candidates}. The command {Marks -> Clear All} removes all of the pencil marks. {Marks -> Undo Last Mark} removes the last entered pencil mark.